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Cat Boarding in Abu Dhabi

Cat Boarding

GVC’s Cat Boarding Facility is run on the same principles as our entire clinic – a quality, caring, compassionate, “Cat Friendly” space, where each cat is known to us as an individual rather....

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Vet in Abu Dhabi


This is one of GVC’s most used and loved features and allows us to very rapidly identify medical problems in your pets and therefore, in the spirit of our “Quality Care” approach help them quick...

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Pet care in Abu Dhabi

Home Visit Service

GVC offers a convenient Home Visit and Pick Up / Drop Off Service. We all know that busy lifestyles require convenient services and our Home Visit service delivers just this. Whether you have a...

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Pet care in Abu Dhabi


At GVC, we pride ourselves on our “Quality Care” approach. This means that whilst we practice the highest standards of veterinary medicine and surgery, the actual care for the animals comes first....

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Pet food veterinary Abu Dhabi

Pet Food And Merchandise

Visit GVC’s Pet Food and Merchandise area to purchase veterinary recommended dietary items or a lovely new toy or healthy treat for your furry friend....

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Cat grooming Abu Dhabi

Pet Grooming

This is a hugely popular service with our pet owners. The UAE’s climate, especially in the summer, means that many pets are so much more comfortable with a regular short haircut or trim to beat the ...

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Pet health care plans in Abu Dhabi


At GVC, we recognise that prevention is always better than cure and as such we have a number of “Quality Care” Health Care Plans which will accompany your pet through its life stages....

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Pet Relocation

GVC has, over the last 10 years, successfully relocated thousands of pets to and from all corners of the globe and we have in doing so gained a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in the...

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