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Welcome to German Veterinary Clinic

So, what sets GVC apart from other Veterinary Clinics?
It’s simple really… We absolutely love what we do and are 100 % committed to providing you and your pets with the highest standards of “Quality Care”.
Everything we do is driven by our love and passion for providing the best possible care for our patients and their human families.
We at GVC all have our own pets and know that each is an individual with its own personality and quirks.

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Happy Pets
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Reasons to choose German Veterinary Clinic

German Veterinary Clinic is one of the best pet care clinic in Abu Dhabi. GVC is furnished and provide a comprehensive and caring service to pets and their owners. The clinic offers a welcoming atmosphere for clients and their pets as well as a comprehensive range of expert vet services such as Pet grooming, Diagnostic, Pet transport, Pet food & merchandise, Cat boarding & Pet care health plans in Abu Dhabi.


All members of the GVC team, be it the vets, receptionists, nursing staff or support staff have been hand-picked for their love and compassion towards animals as well as their very specific skills and qualifications, and you will feel this radiating through the clinic.

Cat Friendly Clinic

For all you cat lovers out there…
As a testimony to our Quality Care approach, GVC was awarded the International Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic status in 2014.
We are extremely proud to be the first clinic in the UAE…

Quality Care

At GVC, we provide a holistic approach for all of your pet’s needs and our passion for “Quality Care” is evident throughout.From the highest standards of veterinary care and diagnostics, pet grooming, 5 star cat boarding and our beautiful merchandise retail area…

Home Visits

German vet in Abu Dhabi offers a convenient Home Visit and Pick Up / Drop Off Service
We all know that busy lifestyles require convenient services and our Home Visit service delivers just this.
Whether you have a multiple pet household…

Our Testimonials

We’re so thankful for your dedication to assisting our loving Gato’s relocation. Your care made the difference and I felt my baby was in safe hands. We appreciated the partner MoveOne you chose in Jeddah, who was very professional and efficient.



I found abandoned kittens and took them to German Vet for a check up. and caring towards the kittens, despite being busy. Thank you for helping the kittens (and me) out!

Hira Sh

Hira Sh

We are not sure how we will ever get over losing our beloved Jack Russell, but Dr Vito and his team were exemplary in their medical care, professionalism and compassion. We will never forget the support that they gave us and our dog!

Belinda Charlton Nee Brown

Belinda Charlton Nee Brown

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