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We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
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German Veterinary Clinic’s Pet Travel Service

Your Welfare First Partner for Pet Air Travel

Leading the Way in Pet Air Travel - We Care As Much As You Do

• Over 4000 Pets Relocated Globally

GVC has been trusted to successfully relocate and reunite over 4000 pets around the world.

• Your Trusted Partner

When choosing GVC’s VIP packages, we manage every step of the pet travel process, including all required veterinary procedures.

• We Care as Much as You Do

We understand that pet travel can be a stressful process for all, and that trust is key. Our animal loving team always put your pet first and are all Fear Free Certified.

• IPATA BOAS Vet Assessor & Pet Shipper accredited

GVC has the knowledge and experience to assist with the assessment and safe travel of brachycephalic / snub-nosed pet breeds, airline permitting.

• Positive Travel Experience

Integrated with GVC’s Pet Behaviour and Training team, we use proven strategies to support your pet’s comfort and well-being throughout the entire travel process.

• Smooth Operations

GVC maintains excellent relationships with MOCCAE and the UAE’s premium carriers to support the delivery of smooth and cooperative services.

• Pet Relocation Specialists

Our outstanding team are trained pet travel specialists and have over 25 years’ experience to ensure the very best experience for you and your pet.

• Proactive and Regular Communication

You will receive regular updates of your pet both pre and post travel, to help give you peace of mind.

At the German Veterinary Clinic, we no longer believe that “relocation” is the right term to use when it comes to pet air travel. Our pets are not commodities that are packed in a box to be shipped from A to B; they are our family members and sentient beings whose comfort and welfare needs must be considered in every aspect of their travels.

The GVC Pet Travel Team includes innovators and thought leaders in the pet travel industry who, with our welfare first approach, are revolutionizing international pet air travel.

As pet owners ourselves, we fully understand how potentially intimidating the prospect of pet air travel can be and how important the decision is to find and engage with a team you can trust, a team that will prioritize your pet’s welfare and wellbeing. We believe that your pet deserves a first-class travel experience, and we are here to help make this happen.

With over 15 years of experience in the pet travel world, our knowledge of the logistics and processes of pet travel are unsurpassed. However, what really sets us apart from everyone else in this space is our expertise and attention to your pet’s welfare, comfort, and wellbeing throughout the whole process, from the moment you engage with us to settling your pet into their new environment.

Our bespoke pet travel services include stress management tools and techniques at all stages of the journey. These are tailored to you and your pet’s individual requirements, and, with the direct involvement of our in-house Pet Behaviour & Training team, led by Dr Katrin Jahn, the UAE’s only qualified Veterinary Behaviourist, we can prepare and support your pet towards a comfortable, stress-free experience for all.

Not only is GVC’s owner and head veterinarian, Dr Katrin, the UAE’s only qualified Veterinary Behaviourist, but Dr Katrin has also published several papers specifically relating to the impact and welfare considerations of pet air travel. This level of unique expertise provides the GVC team with the evidence-based knowledge needed to know how we can positively impact your pet’s travel experience.

The German Veterinary Clinic Pet Travel Team is your partner in providing you and your pet with the welfare-first, bespoke service you both deserve. Learn more about our exclusive services by getting in touch with us at or call us on 02 556 2024.

GVC Pet Travel Services – Pet Export

1. Plan Ahead

Please make sure to get in touch with us for your pet’s travel needs well in advance. The ideal timeframe to engage our services is at least fourteen days from departure date, however, please be aware that some destination countries require upwards of 180 days for all pre-travel preparations.

2. Relocation Consultation

A Pet Travel Consultation will provide the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and provide you with the information and reassurance needed to consider entrusting your pet’s relocation to the GVC team.

Following this, our experienced team will provide you with a detailed estimate and initial travel itinerary outlining your pet’s bespoke travel service. On acceptance to proceed, the GVC Clinical, Behaviour and Travel Teams will meet to discuss your VIP flyer’s needs, considering the veterinary, behavioural and logistical requirements.

GVC’s Signature Bespoke Export Package

(Export from Abu Dhabi or Dubai)

• Flight sourcing and confirmation. 

• Document checking and all associated administrative functions. 

• Crate fitting.

• Crate familiarization session with GVC’s Behaviour & Training team using only Positive Reinforcement techniques (in-person or virtual). 

• Scheduling for vaccinations, bloodwork, and parasite treatment as per importing country requirements (these can be administered by the GVC Clinical team – priced separately). 

• A stress assessment and recommendations designed to help your VIP enjoy a positive travel experience: Includes a 30-minute virtual consultation with a member of the GVC Pet Behaviour team. 

• The prescription of any recommended medications, supplements and/or pheromone products from 14 days prior to departure. 

• A “Fit to Fly” day – scheduled within ten days prior to the travel date. This includes:

A full veterinary health check carried out by GVC. 

• Observation of your pet’s behaviour away from you (allowing for any adjustment of stress reduction plans to be made). 

• Travel to and from the airport for Ministry (MOCCAE) document validation and health check confirmation. 

• Finalisation and submission/verification of all travel documents. 

• Management and/or delivery of all required travel logistics.

 • Management and coordination of all third-party agents and organizations (e.g. destination country agents and quarantine facilities) as required. 

• Booking of the Airway Bill. 

• Final collection and drop off to the airport for uplift on day of travel. 

• Regular updates both pre and post the relocation of your pet(s).

 • The support of the highly experienced GVC Travel Team throughout the duration of this very important and impactful journey!

Documents only package

Document checking and required administrative functions

• Scheduling for vaccinations, bloodwork, and parasite treatment (if required) as per importing country requirements.

• A “Fit to Fly” day – scheduled within ten days prior to the travel date. This includes:
A full veterinary health check carried out by GVC.

• Travel to and from the airport for Ministry (MOCCAE) document validation and health check confirmation.

• Finalisation and submission/verification of all travel documents.

• Visit to official MOCCAE Vet at Abu Dhabi Airport for finalisation of documents, microchip checking and issuance of the Export Permit.

GVC Pet Travel Services – Pet Import

The GVC Pet Travel team works with our network of trusted agents around the world to support the safe arrival of your pet into the UAE.

Whether you want our team to provide the final steps or to coordinate and manage the whole process, we are here to provide your pet with the warmest welcome and safe delivery to their new home here in the UAE!

GVC’s Signature Bespoke Import Package

(Arrival in Abu Dhabi & Dubai)

• Pet Travel consultation (in person or virtual) dependent upon pet owner location at time of enquiry.

• Pet Arrival Questionnaire and follow up Telephone Consultation (Veterinary Nurse) to help provide your pet with the best bespoke care on arrival.

• Import documentation and airport/customs clearance on arrival. Please note that arrivals into Dubai will be met by a trusted third-party agent for airport clearance.

• Home delivery of pet within the UAE (a surcharge for remote locations and/or Northern Emirates may apply).

• Additionally, the GVC Pet Travel team can coordinate and provide an optional “Door-to-Door” service, which includes:

• Engaging an overseas partner in country of origin for:

o Outward pet collection

o Export documentation

o Customs clearance and

o Airway Bill from country of origin

In-cabin Imports

• Pet Travel consultation (in person or virtual) dependent upon pet owner location at time of enquiry.

• Pet Arrival Questionnaire and follow up Telephone Consultation (Veterinary Nurse) to help provide your pet with the best bespoke care on arrival.

• Import documentation and drafting required documents to present to local and official veterinarians in country of origin.

• Step-by-step support in line with airline-specific requirements.

German Veterinary Clinic

Pet Travel Team

Dr Katrin Jahn

Owner, General Manager, Head Veterinary Doctor

Fear Free Professional

Dr. Katrin is the founder of the German Veterinary Clinic. Her passion and commitment to delivering the highest standards of animal care as well as her extensive knowledge and experience has enabled the clinic to expand and flourish, with the GVC family now grown to over 25 dedicated and caring team members.

Dr. Katrin graduated from the University of Munich, Germany in 1999 after which she spent 7 years working in a variety of practices, including specialist and referral centers in the UK, to gain broad and extensive experience in all areas of small animal medicine and surgery. During this time, Dr. Katrin earnt the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons “Certificate in Veterinary Anesthesia and Pain Relief” and completed a doctorate thesis in animal behaviour before moving to the UAE in 2006 and opening GVC in 2008.

Dr. Katrin’s passion for feline medicine and welfare led to GVC becoming the Middle East’s first ISFM Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic in 2014. Following on from this, the desire to create a similar safe space for all species visiting GVC inspired Dr Katrin to lead the GVC team to successfully completing their Fear Free Certified Professionals accreditation in 2019 and so become the first veterinary team in the Middle East to achieve this recognition.

During the 20 plus years of working as a veterinarian, Dr Katrin has consistently recognized the importance of not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional health and welfare of our pets. So, it was a natural progression for Dr Katrin to begin a journey in the exciting and rapidly growing field of Veterinary Behaviour Medicine. In 2019, Dr Katrin began a 5-year dual residency program in Veterinary Behaviour Medicine which, on completion, will make Dr Katrin a double-boarded specialist in this field. Additionally, Dr Katrin gained the prestigious MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour) qualification in 2021, making her the only qualified Veterinary Behaviour Medicine practitioner in the UAE (and Middle East).

As a businesswoman, Dr Katrin places client satisfaction and happiness as her top priority, and as a result is continually refining standards and developing new and exciting services to maintain GVC’s position as your first-choice Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi.

In her spare time, Dr. Katrin loves to look after her 4-legged family of 2 rescue cats (The Squidge and Schnizz), 2 rescue dogs (Polly and Lexi), and an event horse, Sky.

Joanna Cole

Manager Pet Relocation Services

Fear Free Professional

Joanna joined GVC in 2016 after spending much of her career working in the education sector. However, with her massive love for animals Joanna was always destined to work in the pet care field.

Joanna has a passion for travel and adventure and her wealth of experience working in foreign countries made her the ideal person to lead GVC’s Relocation Team, helping our customers to transport their pets around the world.

Successfully completing the IATA Live Animals Regulations qualification has aided Joanna to gain a deep knowledge for the logistics of pet transport and, in doing so, has unearthed a talent for transporting special species like parrots, tortoises and pigeons. This, coupled with her empathetic approach, makes Joanna the perfect support during the often complex and stressful relocation process.

Away from work, Joanna loves to pamper her beautiful white cat, Jasper (also an experienced global traveler) and his two wonderful sisters, Minxy Moo and Boo… who were both GVC rescue cats before finding the purr-fect home with Joanna.

Amir Zaman

Pet Relocation Executive & PRO

Fear Free Professional

Amir is our Pet Relocation Executive and PRO who keeps all our licenses, visas, and administrative papers in order. Amir joined the GVC family in 2011 and, along with his PRO responsibilities, he is an integral part of the Pet Relocation Team, ensuring that pets are delivered safely and securely to the airport.

Amir’s people skills and excellent problem-solving attitude make him a crucial member of our team, and he makes it a priority to constantly stay up to date with UAE’s regulations and procedures.

Amir loves all our animals and has developed a particular fondness for cats since we launched our Cat Friendly Clinic. The most rewarding part of his job is seeing animals reunited with their loved ones.

In his spare time, Amir enjoys playing cricket, spending time with his children, and enjoying Abu Dhabi’s sights and beaches.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help over these past few months. We had an incredibly smooth journey to Abu Dhabi and back to Bangalore with our cats. We couldn’t imagine leaving them in India during our stay, and we were able to bring them with us with your invaluable help. It also gave us a lot of confidence to know that there was a vet clinic we could rely on during our stay here as well.

All in all, thanks for everything!


I can’t thank you and all of those involved at GVC in the relocation of Sadiq and Namura.  And thank you too Joanna for your patience with a sometimes anxious “Mom”.  You’ve made this process easy for their relocation to their new home.


Just to inform you that our love Hunter arrived home safely!

He took a warm shower and ate his favourite food.

Thanks to everyone for taking care of him and for the excellent pet relocation services.


Just wanted to share the good news that Lola arrived well last week and she has adapted really well to her new environment.

There were tears of joy and then laughter upon her arrival and she herself was in disbelief. Again, thank you all for taking so good care of her and delivering her back home safely.


Thank you very much for all the help related to the relocation of Lost & Coco to Germany. They arrived safely in Munich and are enjoying the cool weather now.

Thanks to everybody at German Vet who looked after Lost & Coco over the last 5 years.


A huuuuge thanks to Joanna for looking after Percy so well over the few days holiday he had in Abu Dhabi between flights. We couldn’t recommend you more.


Oh wow 🤩 Gorgeous pictures. Thank you for so much care 😍.

Dearly thank you for keeping me updated. And for all the work put into Charlie’s relocation.

He looks well.


Good morning. I wanted to thank you for everything, the whole process was perfect from start to finish and Frank has settled well in a cold and wet UK. It’s a very stressful process for the pets and their owners but you guys took all the stress away. I will recommend you wherever I can. Thanks again!!