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The GVC Team

Our Experienced Team

Our team of dedicated and caring Western-trained veterinary professionals have been carefully selected for their love and compassion towards animals, as well as their skills and qualifications.

If you share our passion and are interested in joining the team, please contact us to find out more about current opportunities.

Dr. Katrin Jahn

Owner, General Manager, Head Veterinary Doctor

Dr. Katrin is the founder of the German Veterinary Clinic (GVC)…

Dr. Vito Castellana

Veterinary Doctor, Clinical Manager

Dr. Vito is our Clinical Director and Senior Veterinary Doctor who loves work…

Dr. Cicilia Muller

Veterinary Doctor

Dr. Cicilia joined GVC in 2015 and specializes in Feline Medicine. After graduating…

Dr. Sarah Tawse

Veterinary Doctor

Dr. Sarah enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine and specializes in Emergency…

Nora Meuse

Head Nurse and Operations Manager

Nora is our Head Nurse and Operations Manager and has been a part of the GVC…

Simba Banhamire

Veterinary Nurse

Simba is our Veterinary Nurse who graduated from the University of Zimbabwe in 2006…

Aaron Gawaran

Junior Veterinary Nurse

Aaron is our Veterinary Nurse who joined GVC in 2017. He is a trained and registered…

Sarah Hattam

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Sarah is our Trainee Veterinary Nurse who joined GVC initially as a receptionist. Having…

Furkan Morgulle

Senior Animal Care Technician

Furkan is our highly experienced Senior Animal Care Technician, who graduated…

Joanna Cole

Pet Transport Coordinator

Joanna is one of our Pet Transport Coordinators and has a great love and…

Rory Shackleford

Pet Transport Coordinator and Business Development

Rory is one of our Pet Transport Coordinators and takes care of…

Amir Zaman

Pet Transport Executive, PRO

Amir is our Pet Transport Executive and PRO who keeps all our licenses, visas…

Samer Alogidi

Pet Stylist

Samer is Pooch Parlour’s fabulous pet stylist, who holds an Extended Diploma in Breed…

Jonah Pabilla

Pet Care Assistant

Jonah is one of GVC’s most loving pet care assistants, who joined the family in 2012…

Janet Tinao

Pet Care Assistant

Janet is another one of our most caring pet care assistants, who works very hard…

Lynsey Usher


Lynsey is our bubbly receptionist whose warm personality and friendly smile are…

Marjie “Apple” Mirabel


Apple is a ray of sunshine and will give you a very warm welcome when you walk…