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We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
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Dog training services

Our training is not about commands and obedience, but rather teaching your dog to be a calm and confident member of your family who is connected to you and able to cope with the demands of our modern domestic world.

We are not a traditional Dog Training Facility or Puppy School, and you won’t find any other Dog Trainer or Veterinary Clinic like us in Abu Dhabi.

At German Veterinary Clinic (GVC), we approach training on a case-by-case basis and provide individual training plans for every stage of your dog’s life through our proven programs.

We aim to empower guardians with the knowledge they need to teach their dogs to succeed in the world, and to have a happy and confident dog who will find learning a joy!

For booking or more information, email or call German Veterinary Clinic on 02 556 2024.


Fear Free Certified Trainer

Ilse is probably the most highly qualified and experienced dog trainer you will find in Abu Dhabi or indeed the UAE and Middle East. However, we know that alongside qualifications and experience, kindness, compassion, and empathy as well as a clear, understandable, and reproducible teaching style are just as important, and Ilse has an abundance of this.

As well as having her own dog training clients, Ilse works closely alongside Dr Katrin, GVC’s owner and the only qualified Veterinary Behaviourist in the Middle East, to provide and implement the training (also known as Behaviour Modification) elements of Dr Katrin’s treatment plans for our Behaviour Patients.

Ilse uses only positive, force free methods in her dog training sessions and is always mindful about how the dogs FEEL whilst training, always reading their body language and emotional state to ensure a joyful and cooperative process.

Read about our signature dog training packages below, however, Ilse is always more than happy to discuss your and your dog’s individual needs or requests and design a tailor-made dog training experience just for you!


Please see below our signature training packages for you and your dog.


(vaccinated puppies) 

8 sessions – Puppy Classes Abu Dhabi.

Our eight-week Puppy Life Skills Package provides a variety of games and exercises to increase confidence and resilience. Some of the life skills you and your puppy will learn include:

• Reading how your puppy is feeling in any given situation 

• Communicating with your puppy in a positive way 

• Toilet training and other unwanted behaviours 

• Important skills and strategies for your puppy to stay safe 

• Building a solid relationship between your puppy and your family 

• Basic cues, games and walking on a lead 

The package includes 8 x 60-minute sessions. The first session is conducted without your puppy so that we can introduce you to our training methods and what to expect.


(six months and over)
8 sessions

Our eight-week Junior Club Package builds on the positive foundations of Puppy Life Skills and is suitable for dogs aged six months or over. Junior Club is designed to reinforce good, learned behaviours and navigate through your dog’s “teen” years, which last from roughly 10 months to two years. This is an important time in your dog’s life and ongoing training will ensure you both succeed. Junior Club will delve deeper into topics such as:

• Social skills and appropriate play 

• Re-focusing on guardian/handler 

• Reinforcing calm behaviour The package includes 8 x 60-minute sessions which are tailored to you and your dog’s needs.


(all ages) four sessions

Our four-week Confidence Camp is fun for dogs of all ages and provides a variety of wins for both you and your dog.

During confidence camp, we will introduce you and your dog to the 3 Cs –Calm, Confidence and Connection: 

• CALM – We can teach our dogs calm behaviours and help them deal
with frustration.

• CONFIDENCE – We can teach new experiences safely and without fear
and give our dogs the tools to make good choices in new situations.

• CONNECTION – This will teach your dog that you “have their back” and are their point of safety and security.

The package includes 4 x 60-minute sessions which are tailored to you and your dog’s needs.


six sessions

Our six-week Mature Student Package is designed to keep your older dog’s mind active. 

Like humans, older animals are also prone to memory loss and dementia. Suitable for dogs aged seven years and over, our Mature Student Package will provide:

• Cognitive exercises

• Puzzle solving activities

• Brain stimulation

This is an important time in your dog’s life and ongoing training will ensure your dog continues to live a happy and healthy life into their senior years. 

The package includes 6 x 60-minute sessions which are tailored to you and your dog’s needs.

Dog training (also known as Behaviour Modification) packages are available for all clients working with Dr Katrin for their dog/s with behaviour problems.

Our amazing dog trainer, Ilse, can also tailor make an individual package for your dog if you would like to work on something specific such as recall, trick training and more.

For booking or more information,

email or call 

German Veterinary Clinic on 02 556 2024.

I recently visited the German Vet Clinic with my fur baby, Ronin, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing care we received, especially from Ilse.

Ilse, you are truly the heart and soul of the clinic. Your ability to communicate with Ronin in his mother tongue😅 made him feel right at home. It was a relief to see him less stressed, and I knew he was in good hands.

Camilla Van Der Merwe – Ronin

I am incredibly impressed by the knowledge professionalism and love for animals the behavior therapist had.

Learned so much about dog behavior and psychology. Even human applicable stuff. I’m so impressed please pass on my praise and thanks for Ilse.

Patrick Neary - Speckles


We are not sure how we will ever get over losing our beloved Jack Russell, but the GVC team were exemplary in their medical care, professionalism and compassion. We will never forget the support that they gave us and our dog!

Belinda Charlton Nee Brown

Sweet staff, fear-free clinic and Dr. Sergio and the Technicians were wonderful to my dog. Prices are worth the services, and they definitely put pets first. Definitely recommend this place for your pets.

Nadine Rajab