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What impact will airline travel and relocation have on my pet?

This is a question that the team at GVC believes is one of the most important to ask when considering international travel with your pet. Whilst the answer will vary for each and every pet, the reality is that relocation can be a stressful experience for most, if not all of our pets.

It is for this reason that we at GVC have made your pet’s experience and welfare our primary consideration in how we deliver our Pet Relocation Service.

By utilizing the skills and knowledge of our Fear Free Certified team and built on the foundations of GVC’s Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic status, we understand how important and beneficial it is to provide the same holistic approach of addressing the physical, mental and emotional needs of your pet so that we can create a bespoke relocation service that is designed to reduce discomfort and stress and the potential for a negative experience.

Why is GVC your and your pet’s best partner for International Pet Relocation?


GVC has the only Veterinary Behaviour & Training service in the UAE

This service is very much an integral part of GVC and is led by Dr Katrin, GVC’s owner and Head Vet.

Dr Katrin is a dual resident in Veterinary Behaviour Medicine for both the European as well as American Colleges of Animal Welfare and Behaviour Medicine and is the first veterinarian in the Middle East to specialize in the field of Veterinary Behaviour Medicine.

The Behaviour- and Training Team works closely with the Pet Relocation Team and each of our VIP Flyers receives an individual stress- and welfare evaluation by the Behaviour Team to ensure your pet’s comfort and wellbeing during travel.

The Training Team also offers a Crate Familiarisation Service to help your pet see their travel carrier as a super safe place.


A Pet Relocation Service that has over 12 years of experience and a track record that has seen the successful relocation of more than 4000 pets around the world!

GVC is a member of IPATA and we only engage with other IPATA members to ensure that our overseas agents work to recognized international standards.

GVC maintains excellent relationships with MOCCAE and the UAE’S premium carriers to support the delivery of smooth and cooperative services.


An outstanding Clinical Team that is renowned for providing the highest standards of veterinary care!

We know how important the physical health and wellbeing of your pet is and just what influence this will have when they relocate

Trust our clinical team to carry out all the necessary procedures and health checks to support your pet to feel their best for their journey.

At GVC we believe that every pet is an individual and deserves to be treated with compassion, respect and professionalism, whether they are visiting GVC to see our Clinical Team, to work with our Behaviour & Training Team, or, to relocate to their new home.

We also understand how potentially intimidating the prospect of pet relocation can be and, as pet owners and lovers ourselves, how important the decision is to find and engage with a team you can trust.

So please allow the GVC Pet Relocation team to provide you and your pet with the bespoke service that you both deserve.


To learn more please click here (link to relocation page) and explore our Pet Relocation Services, alternatively email or call 025562024 today!