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Top tips for raising a happy, healthy cat


As we all know, being chosen by a cat is a privilege and an honour, it is certainly not to be taken lightly and for those of us lucky enough to have been selected as suitable feline companions, we should always be thinking of how best we can support our feline friends.

In this article, we discuss why feline health and happiness are so closely linked.


Take a read through these top 5 tips below (provided by our Head Nurse Nora, who we think may well be part feline), in no particular order:


Lots of pet owners think cats are “easier” or “lower maintenance” than dogs and that they require less care. This may be true of walks and exercise, but we have to remember that many cats cherish their time with us. So, we need to recognise the privilege and make time for affection, relaxation and play with our cats.


The truism in health that prevention is better than cure applies very much to all animals, but cats can be particularly stoic and not always present outward symptoms of pain and/or suffering. We can prevent fatal diseases and nasty parasites by simple and regular routine visits to the vets, it’s easy and the best first line of any pet’s health care.


And we don’t just mean WHAT we feed our feline friends…. But HOW we feed these wonderful creatures… Cats are SOLITARY HUNTERS (as well as obligate carnivores). The hunting aspect in particular is extremely important and can help to teach us the correct ways to feed. Helping a cat to act out its natural tendencies can support positive play and avoid frustration based behavioural issues. Like us humans, cats really do like to keep their minds occupied and healthy (and yes, even when snoozing all day).


Brushing your cat promotes bonding (see point 1), besides the obvious aesthetic and comfort reasons. It really is enjoyable and relaxing for many cats. Using the correct brush is key. Grooming for cats is also a crucial welfare issue, it can make the difference between comfort and being stricken by crippling mats (especially in long haired breeds). It is best started from a young age but also has a huge place for senior cats who may struggle to self-groom.


Dental disease is a silent epidemic extremely prominent in cats and can be greatly reduced by diligent dental care at home. Regular checks at the vets are also essential and it is probable that many cats will need surgical dental work every 3-4 years (please do keep this in mind as your cats’ health and happiness can literally depend on it).

This is an area that we are all very passionate about at GVC and can talk about in huge detail. This may not seem as “fun” or exciting as the first four points, but dental care may well be the most crucial thing that we can all positively impact but that is so often overlooked.

Now, we know that none of the above are beyond every cat lover’s ability. As the first clinic in the Middle East to receive the ISFM Gold Standard Cat-Friendly Clinic award, we recommend regular checks at GVC because feline health and happiness are inseparably intertwined.

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