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The GVC pet health club – premium pet care for less!


So, what is the GVC Pet Health Club?

Simply put, it’s an innovation from the team at GVC that combines the very best service in preventative pet healthcare with unbeatable value; Premium Pet Care at Preferential Prices (if you will).

In this article, Dr. Katrin Jahn, Head Veterinary Doctor at GVC, explains the concept of GVC’s new Pet Health Club and how it will benefit both you and your pet.


The saying “prevention is better than cure” is applicable to so many areas, whether it’s your car, your A/C, or yourself, it’s always far better to have a regular planned check-up and keep in good health, than a critical repair when things go wrong.

The same applies for your pets, especially as they cannot always let you know when they’re feeling bit under the weather. The ideal solution is regular time with a veterinary professional to keep tabs on your furry friend’s health and wellbeing. With a few scheduled visits a year you are much more likely to avoid potential ill-health. To be clear, we’re not talking about waiting for the next sniff or limp to book an appointment, we’re referring to those standard scheduled visits that can (and do) make all the difference.

“Preventative healthcare is a central part of companion animal veterinary medicine of the 21st century. An important part of the ‘annual health check’ is ensuring that pets are appropriately protected from infectious disease by vaccination.”

– FECAVA President Dr. Wolfgang Dohne


When it comes to keeping your pet healthy, vaccines really are a must. Add in an annual health check, a dental appointment and (especially for dogs) an external parasite treatment, and you’re looking at four routine opportunities for a healthcare professional to spend a little quality time with your pet and better recognise how they are.

Now, we appreciate that sometimes the costs can add up, and especially if you have a multiple four-legged family, the idea of four vet bills a year per pet can be enough to bring out the cold sweats… which brings us neatly back to the Pet Health Club.


For a one-time annual membership fee, you can join the Pet Health Club and take advantage of a myriad of magnificent membership perks… that include:

  • 4 x FREE Veterinary Consultations per 12-month period (excludes specialist or second opinion consultations such as ophthalmology, neurology, behaviour, pain assessments)
  • 50 % off Vaccinations
  • 25% off External Parasite Control
  • 25% off De-worming
  • 10 % off Dental Treatment
  • 10 % off Food
  • 10% off Merchandise
  • 1 x monthly FREE Home Delivery (food/merchandise/medication for orders over AED 350 value)
  • No Repeat Prescription Fee for long term/chronic conditions (treatment duration longer than three months continuous treatment)

We started out wanting to provide the very best for your pets and then added in what we think will really work for you. The result is a flexible Pet Health Club membership that provides choice and rewards across the spectrum of GVC services.

We know that all pets are individuals, and all have their own needs and personalities, so it’s perhaps not realistic to prescribe a “one size fits all” healthcare solution. However, we also know that all animals benefit from regular interaction with a veterinary professional and we want to make this as accessible and viable as possible. And so, the PHC from GVC was born… an innovation in Pet Care provision.

At GVC, we really do care as much as you!

To find out more and join up, 971 (0)2 556 2024 or email us at