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Safety – one of your cat’s main motivators

We often ask ourselves – What is important to my cat? What does he or she need from me? What would they love me to provide?


Recent findings show that aside from obvious resources such as food, water, a clean and private place to toilet and love and attention from you, safety and security are the most important things in your cat’s life. Having a place to hide away and retreat to, especially in a busy household, is absolutely essential to your cat’s wellbeing.

Cats are solitary animals by nature and often don’t enjoy sharing their space and your attention with other cats or members of the household. Whilst some cats get along with other cats in their space, many only tolerate it or get so distressed by this situation that they become withdrawn, less interactive and, in some cases, even ill.

So, how can you provide a safe haven for your cat? Cats absolutely love covered hidey holes, boxes and beds. These provide a cave-like atmosphere, in which your cat can feel secure and un-touchable.

If you ever encounter a shy kitten that is a little unconfident, providing a cardboard box with a small opening so they can observe their new surroundings from a safe place can quickly help them feel more secure.

Cats absolutely love to be high up so high scratch posts or shelves, ideally with a covered box at the top, can be an ideal place for them to hang out and observe their cat-dom from a safe and secure spot.

What is really important to remember is not to disturb your cat whilst he or she is in their safe spot. They go there to retreat and have some quiet time and will come out to interact and play with you once ready!

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