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Our pet training philosophy and “The Three Cs”

We are not a traditional Dog Training Facility or Puppy School, and you won’t find any other Pet Trainer or Veterinary Clinic like us in Abu Dhabi.

At German Veterinary Clinic (GVC) in Abu Dhabi, we approach training on a case-by-case basis and provide individual training plans for every stage of your dog’s life through a number of different proven programs including:

  • Puppy Life Skills Course: For puppies who have had their second vaccinations
  • Junior Club: From six months of age
  • Confidence Camp: For dogs of any age
  • Mature Student: For dogs 7 years of age and above

In certain situations, our qualified dog trainers may pair two similar aged and similar temperament dogs together if we think it may assist them in their training journey.

Everything we do incorporates the three Cs – Calm, Confidence and Connection. Your pet will never be subjected to methods that include punishment, force, coercion, or fear.

We can train and alleviate undesirable behaviours in pets while treating them with the kindness, gentleness, respect, and compassion they deserve.

Training is not about commands and compliance; it is about giving your dog the emotional and physical confidence to cope in our world.

Our aim is to help your pet become the very best they can be and to support them to fit into a world living with humans.

Despite being referred to as dog trainers, in order to achieve long-standing results, we actually coach the guardians and handlers by empowering them with the knowledge they need to teach their own dogs. This is done through a focus on understanding their pet’s body language, communication style and by helping them to build and strengthen their relationship.

This sets the guardian and the puppy or dog up for success in life by giving them the skills they need.

There is no such thing as a bad dog or an untrainable dog, so come and see our dog trainers to see how we can help.

GVC’s Owner and Head Veterinarian, Dr Katrin Jahn, specialises in Veterinary Behaviour Medicine and is the first veterinarian in the Middle East to specialise in this field.

Email to register your interest for classes or a behaviour consultation.