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GVC global pet relocation advice

  • Purchase crates well in advance so that your pets can get used to their crate at home, in a safe environment, prior to travel.
  • Take care to ensure that your crate is the right size for your pet – that they can sit upright, lie down and turn around freely.
  • Research the best travel times for your ‘snub-nosed pet’, as airlines have a summer embargo, usually from the end of April to the beginning of October.
  • Value your pet’s comfort during travel by providing a small towel/T-shirt with familiar home smells on it.
  • Ensure that your crate is lined with an absorbent pad to absorb any ‘accidents’ during travel.
  • Leads for dogs should be attached to the crate in a clear plastic bag.
  • Care should be taken to label crates with shipper/consignee details (and phone contacts) as well as copies of travel documents, so they are independent travellers.
  • Reach for your freezer to make an ice water container on the eve of travel to avoid spillages during transit to the airport.
  • Always secure the doors of the crate with cable ties after the final security check at the airport for added security of your pet during transit.
  • 15 minutes prior to departure, spray Feliway (cats) or Adaptil (dogs) pheromone spray in your pet’s crate so they feel comforted during travel.
  • Enquire with us about prescribing anti-anxiety products such as Zylkene within 10 days of travel to ease anxiety during their journey.