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We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
We believe animals deserve the best of us!
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GVC is extremely proud to be the first clinic in the Middle East to receive and maintain the prestigious International Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic award. Being a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic means we are cat experts and offer an exceptionally high standard of care:

For us, though, being cat-friendly means far more. At GVC, we recognize that your cat has very specific emotional and physical needs. We feel very passionately that cats require a calm and stress-free environment in which to receive treatment, heal, and recuperate. Our staff are trained in the special art of how to handle cats and can give your cat the time it needs to relax and feel comfortable. Our vets have additional qualifications in many areas and are very knowledgeable about feline illness and disease. Our Clinical Manager, Nora, has completed an Advanced Feline Nursing Diploma course, so you can feel reassured that your cat is in safe hands from the moment you walk through our doors.

About the Cat Friendly Clinic Award

The Cat Friendly Clinic Award is a worldwide accreditation system for veterinary clinics which demonstrates excellence in cat care and feline medicine. Awarded by the International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM), Cat Friendly Clinics must meet rigorous standards, and have outstanding cat-friendly facilities and equipment, as well as demonstrate continuous staff development and progress in alignment with the latest insights into cat care.

As a Gold Award recipient, GVC has demonstrated that we are at the forefront of the veterinary field in cat care and have achieved the ISFM’s highest standards.

Feline Referrals

Being the Middle East’s first Cat Friendly Clinic, we have expert knowledge in diagnosing and treating feline diseases. Our specially designed cat-only wards allow us to take care of our hospitalised feline patients in a very cat friendly way and we often take referrals from other clinics. We are extremely experienced in dealing with feline behavioural problems and have many ideas, products, and potential solutions to assist with this.  

What Is Fear Free?

At German Veterinary Clinic, we are on a mission to make clinic visits as calm and stress-free as possible – both for our patients as well as their owners. The emotional welfare of our furry friends (and their humans) is something we are passionate about and constantly prioritize for every animal we see.
As an organization, we have therefore committed to the Fear Free Approach and have provided each member of the GVC team with enrolment to the Fear Free Certification Program.

Fear Free was developed and launched in the USA in 2016, with the objective to provide veterinary and pet care professionals the tools and skills needed to make every veterinary visit less stressful and, whenever possible, filled with positive associations.

So… How does it work? Well, the Fear Free Approach isn’t about a single step or interaction, it is designed to positively impact each stage of the veterinary visit, starting before you even get in the car.

At Home

The Fear Free approach starts at home, providing ideas and actions for how to best prepare your pet for the journey to the clinic. This is something that our nurses and receptionists are always available to tell you about!

Arriving to the clinic

Our reception team will direct you and your pets to quiet, tranquil consult rooms as quickly as possible. We provide species specific consultation rooms and use calming pheromone therapy in every consultation room. We have generous appointment timings that allow for examinations not to be rushed.

In the Consultation Rooms

Our vets and nurses are the biggest advocates of the Fear Free approach. Already well versed in Cat Friendly techniques, Fear Free brings us even further in making every visit as positive and relaxed as possible. You will find tasty treat “buffets” in each room as well as nurses who want to shower your pets with these tasty treats(when medically appropriate of course)!

We provide soft, non-slip matting and, where possible, prefer to conduct physical exams on the floor where pets are happiest. Fear Free techniques include gentle handling, sensory satisfaction and reading body language to best adapt our approach.

Staying with us

Every pet who stays with us knows all about our Fear Free methods! Boarding cats are continuously spoilt with generous helpings of cat nip while in their custom designed cat friendly suites.

In the hospital, we use gentle handling techniques, comfortable surroundings, and premium diets.

We are very proud to be the first Veterinary Clinic and Pet Care service provider in the UAE to implement this hugely positive approach to Animal Healthcare and Welfare. To learn more call 025562024 or email