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CATastrophic or a PUSSover?

CATastrophic or a PUSSover? Introducing a new ‘sister’ cat… Jasper is the ‘king’ of the household and is not too partial to his furry feline friends, as evidenced when he goes into a cat boarding facility where he hisses and spits at his fellow lodgers. His mum Joanna who is the Pet Transport Coordinator at GVC, […]

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Pet relocation

The relocation story of pet “Pigeon” from UAE to South Africa

Pigeon’s home was in Dubai, living with her Mum and Dad and 2 Pug dogs – Lola and Benjamin. When it was time for Mum and Dad to relocate to New Zealand, it was decided that Pigeon was to fly to Johannesburg to start a new adventure and reside with Grandad. You would not think […]

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Pet care in Abu Dhabi

Could your cat have toothache?

Cats are very tough and good at hiding pain and it can be quite difficult for you to look inside their mouths. So, how would you know if your cat has toothache? This was the case for one of our lovely patients, Eric, who is 12 years old. His owner noticed that Eric “just wasn’t […]

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The Importance of Grooming To Your Cat

Grooming is one of our cats’ most important natural behaviours and we can often witness them performing this ritual for large amounts of time during the day. If our cats stop grooming themselves, this is usually a sign that there is something wrong. It may be that they have sore mouths or that they have […]

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We often ask ourselves – What is important to my cat? What does he need from me? What would he love me to provide? Recent findings show, that aside from obvious resources such as food, water, a clean and private place to toilet and love and attention from you, safety and security are the most […]

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