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Tortoise Talk

I may be considered as quite slow Off to Portugal I’m set to go The paperwork is a bit of a tease As an ‘endangered species’ I’m required CITES It took a few weeks to plan And I had a microchip to scan CITES applications were made to the authorities And these were my upmost […]

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A Glimpse into Pets Go Global at GVC

By : on : May 27, 2018 comments : (0)

Being a pet relocator has many rewards through the different facets of the work we do. When clients make their initial enquiry, our job is to put them at ease and take the anxiety away from them regarding the preparations required for their big move. Our pets are the life and soul of our families […]

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Haggis’s Story

Some humans call me “Lucky”… I don’t know why though, Lucky lives down the street and is a great big hairy dog… Me, I’m called “Haggis” and I am the most wonderful, daring, fantastically friendly feline any human could possibly hope to meet….!! And I know that’s true because my very best human friends told […]

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A Parrot’s Flight to Portugal

Let me introduce myself, I am Quack- Quack (Quackie to my friends) and I have just completed a huge adventure…. Twelve years ago, I had taken residence in the garden of a villa, and a very kind lady decided to adopt me, I became her pet and friend. I grew extremely attached to her over […]

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An Insight into CITES

Our pets, whether furry, feathery, 2-legged or 4-legged, are part of our families and leaving them behind when we leave the UAE is, for most of us, not an option! However, some species can be more difficult to relocate than others. So, what does it mean if one of our precious pets is CITES protected? […]

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