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Caring and safe pet relocation

Relocate your pet safely

When you choose GVC Global Pet Relocation to transport your pet, you are in safe hands. We know it can be a stressful time, but with over 10 years of experience in transporting pets around the world, our dedicated pet relocation team have issued over 2,000 pet boarding passes and are experts in all processes relating to international pet transport.

The wellbeing of your pet is our priority. We are committed to treating each pet as an individual to ensure a safe and comfortable journey:

Before transportation

The GVC veterinarians will ensure that your pet is fit to fly and carry out all necessary vaccinations, parasite control treatments, blood tests, and microchipping. Our pet relocation experts will make sure that all paperwork is finalized and correct so that the transportation process is a smooth one.

During transportation

We make sure your pet is comfortable during their journey and ensure that travel crates are the correct size, stocked with absorbent pads, water, and anything else it needs to feel secure.

On arrival

One of our extensive network of IPATA approved pet transportation partner agents will greet your pet on arrival at its destination port, to ensure that they have arrived safe and well.  Arrival paperwork will be checked to ensure smooth entry to the new destination.

Pet Relocation Experts

Dr. Katrin Jahn

Owner, General Manager, Head Veterinary Doctor

Dr. Katrin is the founder of the German Veterinary Clinic (GVC) and GVC Global Pet Relocation’s Lead Veterinary Advisor. She is extremely passionate about the safety and welfare of pets being relocated, and ensures all medical checks and logistics are in line with international requirements.

Joanna Cole

Pet Relocation Coordinator

Joanna is our Pet Relocation Coordinator who has a great love and passion for animals. She is an expert in logistics and offers our clients the best solutions to ensure comfort and safety for all pets. Joanna is certified in IPATA Proficiency and IATA Live Animal Regulations and is on hand to offer guidance and support to all clients. She is particularly specialized in transporting special species like parrots, tortoises, and pigeons.

Rory Shackleford

Pet Relocation Coordinator and Business Development

Rory is our Pet Relocation Coordinator who takes care of business development for GVC Global Pet Relocation. He is involved in daily logistics and works closely with Joanna and Dr. Katrin to coordinate the best transport solutions. He has in-depth knowledge of relocations in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and loves finding a solution to challenging transport cases!

Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi
Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Amir Zaman

Pet Relocation Executive, PRO

Amir is our Arabic-speaking Pet Relocation Executive and PRO who works closely with ministry to ensure that all relocation documents are in order. Amir offers extensive support to GVC Global Pet Relocation, ensuring that pets are delivered safely and securely to the airport and are re-united happily with their owners.

Pet Relocation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

International pet relocation Abu Dhabi

Have a pet relocation question? Our Veterinary Advisors have created some helpful free downloadable Guides which answer many of the things you need to know, or contact us with your question and we’d be happy to help.

GVC Global Pet Relocation Guide

Find out how GVC Global Pet Relocation can help relocate your pet


Exporting a Pet from the UAE

How to take your pet out of the UAE


Importing a Pet to the UAE

How to bring your pet to the UAE


Moving to the UAE: Pet Relocation Essentials

Top tips from our vets for settling your pet into the UAE


What our Pet Relocation clients are saying

The GVC Global Pet Relocation team have helped transport more than 2,000 pets. Find out why our customers recommend us:

What People Say

Our Testimonials

  • THANK YOU for your help and expertise in arranging Sherman’s trip home. You and your team made this experience so easy for us and so easy on Sherman. 

    Beth Snow

    Beth Snow
  • GVC has been such a great team for our animal family and I would also like to think of you all as friends as I’ve always had a smile and such a warm welcome when I visit. 



  • Dear GVC,

    Thank you so much, everyone!

    They are settling in well… and into everything 🙂 exploring, getting used to walks and the lifts:-p

    Loving the different personalities: Lola is very stubborn.. toilet trained already, has a smelly bottom and a bully with chews 🙂 Chloe is more nervous… loves cuddled, growls if Lola gets in her space with chews.

    Both think they have ever-ready batteries and fighting with sleep. They must have got bored on their flight and chew through their collars.

    So it’s all fun and games, and loving being a new mum.




GVC Global Pet Relocation Stories

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Pigeon’s home was in Dubai, living with her Mum and Dad and 2 Pug dogs – Lola and Benjamin. When it was time for Mum and Dad to relocate to New Zealand

Tortoises reach their new home in Portugal

I may be considered as quite slow Off to Portugal I’m set to go The paperwork is a bit of a tease As an ‘endangered species’ I’m required CITES It took a few weeks to plan

What is CITES?

Our pets, whether furry, feathery, 2-legged or 4-legged are part of our families and leaving them behind when we leave the UAE is, for most of us, not an option!

Pet Transport Destinations

GVC Global Pet Relocation can transport pets to or from the UAE and the following destinations: