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Pet Food And Merchandise

Pet Food And Merchandise

Visit GVC’s Pet Food and Merchandise area to purchase veterinary recommended dietary items or a lovely new toy or healthy treat for your furry friend.

Pet Food and Veterinary Diets

We stock a large variety of pet food and veterinary diets, all of which have been scientifically researched and proven and are of the highest quality available in the UAE.

Many of our diets are prescription diets which will be recommended by one of our vets depending on your pet’s age, breed, body condition, lifestyle and any special medical requirements.

Feeding your pet a balanced, species- and breed specific diet is one of the biggest contributing factors to health and longevity and we are passionate about finding the right food and diet regime for each individual pet.

Our staff receive regular training on all of our diets and will be able to advise you on the best options.

Pet care in Abu Dhabi


All products and items in our merchandise area are intended to enrich your pet’s life and improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. We have a large array of interactive toys which promote play, alleviate boredom and engage your pets mentally and physically in order to keep them healthy and active.

Our drinking fountains provide moving, filtered water, which keeps the water cleaner and helps to stimulate your pets to drink more, which can be vital in this climate. GVC’s scratch pads and posts provide invaluable resting spots as well as activity and scratching surfaces for our feline friends. Scratching is essential to a cat’s behavioural make up and having a textured scratch post will, in many cases, save your furniture.

Our interactive food bowls provide hours of fun and stimulation, prevent your pets from eating their food too quickly and satisfy the hunting instinct in our feline fiends.

Pet Health Products

GVC stocks a large variety of products for specific areas of your pet’s health. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive selection of behavioural products, especially for cats. We know that this is a recurring problem in the region and our community and as such we go the extra mile to offer you expertise and solutions in this area. In addition, we have a large range of dental products to keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean and healthy and specific products for bone and joint health.

Grooming Products

We have a large selection of shampoos, brushes and other grooming items which have been chosen for their safety, pet-friendliness and effectiveness. We use many of these products in our grooming parlour or during consultations so we can show you exactly how to use them at home.


“I have lived with many zen masters – all of them cats” – Eckhart Tolle