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Fully Integrated In House Laboratory

This is one of GVC’s most used and loved features and allows us to very rapidly identify medical problems in your pets and therefore, in the spirit of our “Quality Care” approach help them quickly and accurately.

The tests take only a matter of minutes to run, which means we can discuss results with you there and then in order to together make the best decisions about your pet’s health.

The Idexx equipment which we use is state of the art and at the forefront of the veterinary laboratory market. It allows us to connect with other veterinary professionals and gives us a great network of experts should we need specialist advice.

Apart from blood tests, we are also able to perform urine and fecal tests as well as many types of microscopic examinations.

Vet in Abu Dhabi

Digital X-ray

This is a very sophisticated way of x-raying your pets as we get the images instantaneously at the press of a button.

Just as with our laboratory setup, this means that we can reach a diagnosis very quickly and help your pets in a timely fashion.

We can also email the images to specialists overseas should we need additional input or advice.