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Welcome to GVC Pet Transport

GVC has, over the last 10 years, successfully relocated thousands of pets to and from all corners of the globe and we have in doing so gained a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in the requirements of international pet transport.

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International pet relocation Abu Dhabi

We are aware of all the important details, have encountered many scenarios and successfully dealt with them all.

In accordance with our principles of “Quality Care”, the welfare, safety, and comfort of your pets in transit are our main priority.

We have an extensive network of IPATA approved fellow pet shippers around the world who share our passion of Quality Care, a number of whom we have worked closely with for many years.

We know how stressful and difficult times of relocation and transit can be and we, therefore, strive to make the process as easy, uncomplicated and smooth as possible.

GVC’s philosophy applies here too – we treat each case and therefore all animals and animal owners travelling with us as individuals and we work tirelessly to provide you with the very best options for your pet relocation.

Our Transport Team is entirely flexible and can provide a bespoke service for you and your pets. Whether you require documents only or a full door to door service, we are happy to help and cater for your needs.

We stock travel crates, appropriate mats, blankets, absorbent pads and water bowls as well as an array of species-specific products that will help to make your pet’s journey as comfortable as possible.

Our Medical Team is on hand to carry out any necessary medical procedures such as vaccinations, blood tests and microchipping and we are therefore able to offer a “One Stop Shop” service for all of your pet transport needs.

Please allow enough time before travelling to arrange all required vaccinations, blood tests and documents. For some destinations the process has to be started 7 months prior to your anticipated travel date.

Pet transportation services in Abu Dhabi

Pet Transport Experts

Dr. Katrin Jahn

Owner, General Manager, Head Veterinary Doctor

Dr. Katrin is the Owner and Head Veterinary Doctor of the GVC and the Dedicated Veterinary Advisor on all of GVC’s / PGG’s Pet Transport cases

Joanna Cole

Pet Transport Coordinator

Joanna is originally from the Midlands, UK, but discovered a love for adventure and working in foreign countries 14 years ago and…

Rory Shackleford

Pet Transport Coordinator and Business Development

Rory is from South Africa and has a degree in Wildlife Management from the NMMU in Port Elizabeth.

Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi
Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Amir Zaman

Pet Transport Executive, PRO

Originally from Pakistan, Amir came to the UAE at the age of 21 and has been a valued member of GVC for the last 7 years.

International pet relocation Abu Dhabi

If you have questions regarding any aspect of pet transport, please contact us and a member of our transport team will be happy to help you. For your convenience we collected some information about transport to download as a PDF file.


Everything you need to know about GVC's Pet Relocation services.



Exporting your pet from UAE to another country.



UAE Import Requirements for Cats and Dogs.



Here are a few tips and suggestions which may help make the transition to life in the UAE easier both for you and for your pet.


Our Testimonials

  • THANK YOU for your help and expertise in arranging Sherman’s trip home. You and your team made this experience so easy for us and so easy on Sherman. 

    Beth Snow

    Beth Snow
  • GVC has been such a great team for our animal family and I would also like to think of you all as friends as I’ve always had a smile and such a warm welcome when I visit. 



  • Dear GVC,

    Thank you so much, everyone!

    They are settling in well… and into everything 🙂 exploring, getting used to walks and the lifts:-p

    Loving the different personalities: Lola is very stubborn.. toilet trained already, has a smelly bottom and a bully with chews 🙂 Chloe is more nervous… loves cuddled, growls if Lola gets in her space with chews.

    Both think they have ever-ready batteries and fighting with sleep. They must have got bored on their flight and chew through their collars.

    So it’s all fun and games, and loving being a new mum.



  • The GVC never fails to impress and wow. The team are excellent – friendly and professional with a real can-do attitude and the expertise to match Since discovering the GVC three years ago the experience has always been superb and consistently exceeds expectations.

    Mike Kitchen

    Mike Kitchen
  • We appreciate the relaxed feel of the home visit service, and Dr. Katrin takes the time to get to know each of our cats so that they feel comfortable with her. There isn’t a vet clinic in the UAE whom I trust more than GVC!

    Jillian Boscolo-Wienke

    Jillian Boscolo-Wienke
  • With over 10 pets in our household, the home visit service really makes for a stress-free day, and my pets love the extra cuddles and attention during Dr. Katrin’s visits. The whole team is professional, compassionate and, caring.

    Debbie Williams

    Debbie Williams
  • The GVC team are magic, who looked after Duke every step of the way! They truly gave me confidence that this part of the leaving Dubai journey was going to be the easiest. A massive thank you to Dr. Katrin, and her team!

    Jade O’Boyle

    Jade O’Boyle
  • Excellent team and have really helped one of my cats get back from a very unwell place. Couldn’t recommend them enough. Fantastic facilities and great boarding areas too. Thanks guys.

    Matthew Currie

    Matthew Currie
  • Thank you to everyone involved who took amazing care of my precious Blackie and Brownie. I am amazed with how 100% alert they both are after their sterilization surgery. Thank you so much for taking such great care of them.

    Debbie Segal

    Debbie Segal
  • We are not sure how we will ever get over losing our beloved Jack Russell, but Dr Vito and his team were exemplary in their medical care, professionalism and compassion. We will never forget the support that they gave us and our dog!

    Belinda Charlton Nee Brown

    Belinda Charlton Nee Brown
  • I found abandoned kittens and took them to German Vet for a check up. and caring towards the kittens, despite being busy. Thank you for helping the kittens (and me) out!

    Hira Sh

    Hira Sh
  • We’re so thankful for your dedication to assisting our loving Gato’s relocation. Your care made the difference and I felt my baby was in safe hands. We appreciated the partner MoveOne you chose in Jeddah, who was very professional and efficient.



The relocation story of pet “Pigeon” from UAE to South Africa

Pigeon’s home was in Dubai, living with her Mum and Dad and 2 Pug dogs – Lola and Benjamin.
When it was time for Mum and Dad to relocate to New Zealand, it was decided that Pigeon was to fly to Johannesburg to start a new adventure and reside with Grandad.

You would not think that such a tiny bird would need so much paperwork and logistical planning. We applied for an import permit and a 30 day quarantine stay in South Africa, but if that was not enough, Pigeon (yes that’s her name) had another mini break before her travels – a 30 day isolation stay at the Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi, where she had a huge suite with a perch, where she grandly sat.

Pigeon was microchipped and had a number of tests to ensure she was clear of avian bird flu and fit to travel.

She held her head up high as we collected her in a Pigeon sized carrier and took her to the airport vet for her final checks before travelling.

Her papers were signed off and attested and she was ready to go.

Before her flight, she came back to the GVC clinic for a freshen up, supper and rest for the night so that all the excitement wouldn’t give her fright!

Her travel carrier was prepared with food & water and Pigeon was checked in on her flight to Johannesburg.

A few hours after her departure, we received the news that everyone had been waiting for – she had arrived safe and well in South Africa, was greeted by our GVC partner agent there and checked safely into her quarantine suite!

This is one of our most satisfying and unusual stories and just goes to show that GVC International Pet Transport really can send “Any Pet, Anywhere”.

An Insight into CITES

Our pets, whether furry, feathery, 2-legged or 4-legged are part of our families and leaving them behind when we leave the UAE is, for most of us, not an option!

However, some species can be more difficult to relocate than others. So, what does it mean if one of our precious pets is CITES protected?

CITES is an acronym for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. This agreement was established in 1975 and most countries have joined in order to maintain worldwide controls on the trade and movement of certain species of ‘wildlife’ so that demand does not threaten their survival in the wild.

Due to this regulation, certain species can only travel with additional permits in place, even if they have been bred in captivity.

Some of the pets that are on the CITES register are Parrots, other exotic birds, and Tortoises, to name a few.

When you are considering buying an exotic pet, please ask for any paperwork which the pet should have, such as:

  • Existing CITES Export / Import permits when they entered the country
  • If the pet was obtained prior to the listing date, a “Pre-Convention Certificate” should be available
  • If the pets have been bred in captivity, the seller should provide a “Bred-in-Captivity” Certificate

It can be quite difficult to apply for CITES permits when there is no previous paperwork associated with your pet, however Pets Go Global will go out of their way to support you in your efforts to obtain special permissions so that you can take your precious family members with you when you re-locate!!

Some of our CITES success stories include the relocation of a Pet Pigeon to South Africa as well as 4 Pet Tortoises and a Pet Parrot to Portugal!