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Cat Sitting

NEW – Cat Sitting Service from GVC

If you are going away on holiday, but your cat prefers the comfort of its own home, the GVC Cat Sitting Service can help take care of your feline in its own familiar surroundings.

Whilst you’re away, one of our caring and highly-trained veterinary professionals will visit your cat twice daily and look after your feline friend in their own environment. This option is particularly suitable for cats who are stressed by travel, are elderly, or who require regular medication.

To find out more, or to chat to a vet, contact us

What Our Clients Say

Given our fur baby does not enjoy boarding at all or leaving her home for any reason for that matter, the GVC Pet Sitting Service was a wonderful solution for us to be able to go away and relax knowing our Miss Mia was being cared for.

We received video and photo updates each visit which was reassuring and comforting to see that she was well cared for in her own environment. Mia was purring and happy in every video we received.

We were very pleased with the detail that Nora and Dr Katrin went to so that Mia had all her meal, cuddles and kitty litter needs met. Also provided great comfort to know should there be any medical issues, that these would be detected by a professional, not just someone feeding our cat. This will definitely be a service we will be using next time we go away.