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Sarah Hattam

Sarah Hattam

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

After being a GVC receptionist for 18 months, Sarah decided to take the leap into becoming a Veterinary Nurse and started a trainee position for this in January 2018.

She is undertaking a very complex online training course in veterinary nursing and combining this with the practical experience of being a hands on nurse at GVC, which involves all aspects of caring for your furry family. Sarah loves being part of the GVC team and experiencing our many success stories. She particularly enjoys being able to help our clients and always has a can-do approach and attitude.

Sarah loves cats, which makes her an ideal fit for our “Cat Friendly” approach.

Sarah spends a lot of her free time with her cats, Garfield and Tilly, and enjoys socializing and seeing live music.

Sarah’s claim to fame is that she won the South East Singing Competition in the UK some years ago.