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Samer Alogidi

Pet grooming in Abu Dhabi

Samer Alogidi – Pooch Parlour

Pet Stylist

We feel extremely fortunate to have Samer on the GVC team as he is the only pet groomer to hold an Extended Diploma in Breed Specific Dog Grooming and Dog Handling from the UK.

Samer uses ethical, humane dog grooming procedures, which include cage free, muzzle free and restraint free methods wherever possible as well as only the best biodegradable materials and top quality equipment.

When first meeting your dog, Samer spends a great amount of time building trust and rapport with your dogs using a number of trust building exercises and playtime. He then assesses their coats according to their breed and recommends the best grooming procedures to keep your dog happy, comfortable and looking absolutely gorgeous!

Samer has over 6 years of experience grooming dogs here in the UAE and has built a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to what your pooches need in the Abu Dhabi climate and environment.

Samer is a dog lover and also a dog owner. He has his Havanese dog – Queen Yoko – who rules his house with an iron fist and keeps all his neighbours in check as well as a gorgeous Cockapoo – Buster – who is everyone’s friend and wins the top award for most useless guard dog!