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Nora Meuse

Veterinary Clinic in Abu Dhabi

Nora Meuse

Head Nurse and Operations Manager

The very first thing to tell you about Nora is that she is absolutely crazy about cats and has made it her life’s mission to improve the lives and welfare of all the cats that she meets.

Nora graduated as a Veterinary Nurse from Mallow College in Ireland in 2011 and spent all of the 4 years that she was training as a nurse already working at The Cat Hospital, Ireland’s first cat only veterinary hospital, where she received both hands on as well as theoretical knowledge in working with, caring for and nursing feline patients.

In order to broaden her experience, Nora then worked at a mixed small animal practice in Glasgow from 2012 – 2014, and then joined us at GVC in September 2014.

What Nora loves most about her job is seeing animals under her care turn a corner medically and being able to improve the health and quality of life of all of our patients, educating owners and colleagues and passing on her knowledge and passion for cats.

The things Nora most appreciates about the UAE are the weather, the diversity of the people that she meets as well as being surrounded by caring and ambitious colleagues.

What you probably won’t know about Nora is that she was the World Champion in Tae Kwan Do in 2002, so it’s probably best to stay on her good side.

Outside of work, Nora enjoys the gym, yoga, travel and spending time with her 3 furry friends – Freddy Pants, Pumpkin and Barry.