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Joanna Cole

Joanna Cole

Pet Transport Coordinator

Joanna is originally from the Midlands, UK, but discovered a love for adventure and working in foreign countries 14 years ago and has lived and worked in Egypt, Zambia, Malaysia and the UAE.

Originally based in the education sector, Joanna has always had a great love for animals and has always wanted to work in the veterinary or pet care field.

She saw her opportunity when a role as Pet Transport Coordinator became available at GVC and she joined our team in September 2016.

Joanna is our go-to guru when it comes to Pet Transport and loves assisting our clients in a sometimes very stressful period of their lives. Joanna is excellent at providing know-how, compassion and support in the relocation of our pets all over the world.

Joanna has a beautiful white cat named Jasper who has accompanied her from Abu Dhabi to Malaysia and back to Abu Dhabi again and he is her sweetheart and her confidante. Jasper has recently gained a lovely little girlfriend named Glitter who was one of GVC’s successful rescue stories.