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Cat Friendly clinics in Abu Dhabi

For all you cat lovers out there…
As a testimony to our Quality Care approach, GVC was awarded the International Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic status in 2014.
We are extremely proud to be the first clinic in the UAE and indeed the Middle East to have received and upheld this prestigious accolade.
We all feel very passionately about treating cats in a “cat friendly” way and recognise that they are not small dogs, but actually have very specific emotional and physical needs.

Dr Katrin and Dr Cicilia are currently enrolled in the specialist Feline Medicine Qualification and Nora, our Nurse Manager and Cat Advocate is currently enrolled in the Advanced Feline Nursing Diploma course. You can find out more about what it means to be “Cat Friendly” on the Cat Friendly Clinic page of this website.

GOLD STANDARD CAT FRIENDLY CLINIC – AWARDED BY ISFM (International Society for Feline Medicine)

On May 29th 2014, the German Veterinary Clinic was awarded the Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic Status by the prestigious International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM).

Being the first clinic in the UAE and indeed the Middle East to receive this status, GVC leads the way when it comes to the veterinary care of your beautiful feline pets.

What Does It Mean To Be Cat Friendly ?

The ISFM together with International Cat Care have set up an accreditation system for veterinary clinics who wish to practice the Gold Standard of Feline Medicine. During the application process we have to fulfil a number of pre-set requirements as well as show standards, equipment, protocols and knowledge in Cat Care and Feline Medicine that demonstrate firmly that we are at the forefront of our field. We are checked by the ISFM every year where we have to show that we are evolving and adapting in alignment with the latest insights into cat care.

But what does it practically mean for you and your cat ?

From the moment you and your cat enter the clinic, you should feel the Cat Friendly Vibe! This means waiting in a waiting area only for cats which is completely separate from any other species or stressors. There are a number of “Cat Trees” in the clinic on which you can place your cat in its carrier to avoid them feeling vulnerable at floor level.

Our cat consulting room is also “Cats Only” and is set up for your cat to feel welcome and at ease whilst being examined. We use Feliway Diffusors in all of our cat areas and the nurses usually carry a bag of catnip in their pockets.

GVC’s staff are trained in the special art of handling cats and will give your cat the time it needs to relax and feel comfortable with us.

Our vets are very knowledgeable about feline illnesses and diseases and 2 of our vets are currently enrolled in the Feline Medicine Specialisation course.

We have a specially designed “Cat Only” hospital- and isolation ward which ensures that cats can heal, recover and recuperate in a stress free, calm environment.

The equipment we use for our feline patients including anaesthetic monitoring devices, surgical instrumentation, diagnostic tools and ICU recovery oxygen tents has been designed specifically for the care of cats.

These are just a few of the things that make our clinic Cat Friendly, however, the most important thing of all is the fact that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE CATS and will go the extra mile to ensure that your cat’s health, happiness, dignity and wellbeing are preserved at all times !

Cat Friendly clinics in Abu Dhabi

Here are a few tips and suggestions which may help make the transition to life in the UAE easier both for you and for your pet.


‘We spray our clothes with cat pheromones to help cats feel relaxed’